The Winner of ArtWeekExeter ExeterSOUP is …

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to last night’s Exeter SOUP. We had a fantastic turnout and heard from some really interesting projects. It was great fun to collaborate with Art Week Exeter for this event and we hope we get the opportunity run a repeat event next year.

Feedback from the event featured on  Phonic FM so do have a listen 


We heard from some really interesting projects: read on to find out who won and read more about the projects.

Morth: ‘Clarence Phoenix’


Built up in 1769, burnt out in 2016, the tragedy of Exeter’s Royal Clarence Hotel has left a scar that’s both physical and psychological in our city.  Yet Exeter has come through many dark chapters, particularly the effects of incendiary bombing during WW2.  After destruction comes renewal, a theme that I have been exploring in my work.

The concept for this proposal is to salvage burnt timbers from the wreck of the Royal Clarence and construct an organic, emerging, edifying sculpture, as a temporary installation on the Cathedral Green for AWE (May 13-21, 2017).

‘Clarence Phoenix’ will send a message of hope and renewal for our city and, indeed, our times.

Sophia Clist: ‘STRETCH’ 


Stretch is a stand-alone interactive installation, an improvised performance, a workshop tool. It can be presented in any one or all of these modes. 

A blank canvas, an electro acoustic harp, minimalist and symbolic in appearance, Stretch is a screen made of hundreds of strands of fine shearing elastic under tension, stretching from wall to wall across a space. Its many miles of elastic create a permeable threshold or boundary, radically altering the architecture of the space it occupies. 

The sculpture invites interaction, quietly provoking the viewer into physical engagement, to manipulate it, and to discover its potential to transform and be transformed. There are no instructions about what to do or how to be. The viewer makes their own multi-sensory journey outside in.

Clare Bryden/Cleo Heard: “Farther together”


“Farther together” will be a 200m long piece of street art. Clare and Cleo plan to enable the public to tread in the carbon footprints of four countries – past, present, and future – as they walk down the High St during AWE 2017

Rebecca D Harris: “Stitching Science”


Stitching Science, where textiles are used to conceal, I use them to reveal.  In 2015 I toured my Eden Project work in progress around cafes in the Devon and Cornwall area.  Funded through the Arts Council this part of the project was to bring the unexpected to the curious.  The large scale embroidery lured in members of the public not seeking out art or science, their natural curiosity drew them in, the everyday-ness and tactile nature of textiles engaged them.  For AWE 2017 I wish to bring this idea to Exeter whilst working on a self-portrait. This portrait will be started from a 3D scan of my face to create a topographical map and then this area colonised by the microbes that inhabit.  Working with Professor of microbiology at UCL, Mike Wilson will swab every square inch of my face in order to reveal the invisible.  The millions of microbes that are uniquely me, like the previous commission, will be represented by hand sewn French knots.  The face will be in much more detail and to a large scale.  There will be no other portrait like it and through the Stitching Science public session in which I sit and sew and lure the curious there will be opportunities to maybe scan them and work on further works?

The Winner


We are delighted to announce that the winner was was Sophia Clist with ‘STRETCH’ who walked away with £160 to help her deliver her project. We also raised £17.50 in donations to support the cafe at St Sidwell’s Community Centre.

The event would not be possible without the generosity of St Sidwell’s Community Centre for letting us use their rooms and kitchen and Exeter Food Action (part of the Devon and Cornwall Food Association) who provided the ingredients for the meal. Thank you so much. Thanks also to our stalwart volunteers who have been with us event after event as well as all the new people who helped out tonight.

We do hope you will all be able to join as at our next event (date to be agreed soon).