Off Grid Festival: Our biggest SOUP yet

I was delighted to be asked to host an Exeter SOUP event as part of the 2016 Off Grid Festival Exeter . This years event took place at the Biophilia Project, Goffin Land, just outside Exeter. The Biophilia Project seeks to host a wide range of activities to open doors onto the wisdom and ingenuity of our species and to relay these creative practices that have benefited our species, our planet and its biodiversity.


We had four fantastic pitches:

MoorSafe Weed Control: Weed control for public spaces using an effective technology that does not use toxic chemicals and which is approved by the Soil Association). They will soon be launching a fund-raising campaign (including Crowdfunding) to set up the project through Greenaissance CIC, a social enterprise. It is initially based on Dartmoor – though will be offering services throughout Devon once set-up.

Origin Club: They are a social enterprise based in Greece trying to establish a leading ethical brand and e-commerce platform that is collectively owned by our community of producers and customers, whilst also fairly distributing risks and rewards across the supply chain. Find out more about them on their website

Zig Zag Cafe/Building: in Glastonbury who are a co-development and co-creation space for creative people. They were keen to develop a rainwater harvesting and filtration system – initially for plants and with the ultimate aim of creating their own off-grid clean drinking water.

The Soil Age Project: They are using Fanya Juu and other carbon retention methods to move towards a method of farming which has zero carbon emissions. They were seeking funding to produce a video to educate others on the evidence based methods they are employing on their farm.


The soup was very tasty and was kindly prepared by Zig Zag cafe from donated vegetables. This was a first for Exeter SOUP in preparing and eating soup outside, it made for a great atmosphere.


Thanks to the generosity of attendees and local sponsorship as well as from the Off Grid Festival themselves the prize money was an amazing £400! A huge congratulations to our winners The Soil Age Project.