University SOUP

And the winner is …. Bloodbikes

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make our first birthday SOUP at Exeter University such a success. We were really pleased to be part of this year’s Grand Challenges at Exeter University. The event had a brilliant turnout, over 40 people, and with so many people helping out in the kitchen and in the organizing before hand this was the easiest and smoothest running SOUP yet. I was especially grateful to the chief from the Terrace Restaurant who oversaw our use of the kitchen and improved the leek soup with expert seasoning.

University SOUP

We heard brilliant talks from:

Exeter Community Initiatives who wanted to further support the community empowerment of Wonford Residents looking after their local green space. Find out more about Wonford Planters on their facebook page: 

BCHA who spoke very eloquently about those in the difficult situation of experiencing homelessness. The importance or treating them with respect and compassion. Their need for positive activities to remind them that they are individuals with value and they are part of society. There was a feature on Gabriel House in the Express and Echo recently and Basil stressed you are always welcome to visit or volunteer.

The recently established FoodCycleExeter  is now running weekly events at Wonford Community Centre. Every Tuesday volunteers collect food donated by supermarkets in collaboration with Exeter Food Action. The volunteers then use their  creative culinary skills to create a three course meal, served to local residents.They are currently crowdfunding and would also love more volunteers so please do get in touch. Find out more via their website or follow them @FoodCycleExeter or on

And finally tonight’s winner, who rode away with a donation of £215, was Devon Blood Bikes.

Devon Blood Bikes  explained that there are times when blood, or other medical items need to be transported urgently because a patient’s life is at risk. A blood bike can be relied upon to respond quickly and move with ease through busy traffic. They transport blood, donated organs, essential medical equipment and even donated breast milk for premature babies. They contribute to saving lives whilst not costing the NHS a penny – it is not hard to see why they were tonight’s winners.

It was a pleasure to meet Dan tonight and please do give him a follow on twitter @DanHart22 or to find out more about Devon Blood Bikes you can follow them on twitter  @DevonBloodBikes and check out their website

Thank you again to everyone who came along on the night to attend. Huge thanks to those who helped to organize the event , prepare the food or baked cakes. Special thanks are due the Grand Challenges team at Exeter University for inviting us and to the Terrace Restaurant for letting us use the space. As ever thank you to Exeter Food Action for allowing us to make use of donated food to feed the crowd.

 The next SOUP event will be on Sunday the 14th August 2016 at St Sidwell’s Community Centre in Exeter. We really hope to see you there.