Tiny Heroes

We have been getting terribly over excited this week as Exeter SOUP, and SOUP founder Gem Hobson have been getting a mention in Daniel Bye’s new play ‘Tiny Heroes’!

Tiny Heroes is a new show from award-winning theatre maker Daniel Bye, made in North Devon and Exeter, and is fresh from it’s opening run at Exeter’s Bike Shed Theatre before heading out on national tour later in 2016.

It’s about the people who saved your life, your day, or your bacon. The people who took the time or took a chance. The people who tried, even if they failed.

It is, as the Guardian put it, a heartfelt homage to everyday courage and caring.


Daniel talked about SOUP as well as many other impressive acts of heroism – from saving a man from drowning when you only set out to walk your dog to watching someone build a life for themselves after you supported them to volunteer in your shop. The stories were inspirational and it was a true privilege to see the SOUP getting a mention amongst these truly heroic acts of kindness.

Daniel described our story “We met a woman who runs a thing called Exeter soup which happens every few months.  A group of people come together, eat some soup and pay £5, at the same time 4 charities talk to them about their work and at the end of the evening everyone who has had some soup decides which of the charities should get the money. But it also raises the awareness of the charities who don’t get the money and sometimes people support them in other ways. The lady told us about setting it up but also in passing, she told us about the way she’s intervened to help people who were quite badly injured. A man came off a motorbike outside her house, he was very drunk and he wanted to get away because he was worried about what the police would say.


He couldn’t get up because he’d broken a leg but he was so drunk he didn’t know what had happened. This woman who is quite a small woman, sat on his chest for 45 minutes while she waited for the ambulance to arrive. She told us that anyone would have done it but it turns out anyone wouldn’t have done it. We asked some of her neighbours who all said that they’d knocked on her door because they thought she’d be the right person to take action and step in.”

But for me the heroes are the people who come to pitch at SOUP, and all those like them, the people who have enough passion and drive to create a better community in Exeter; and the people who come along to support them, without our audience, our supporters, we couldn’t make that difference.